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Security Electronics Magazine Evolution Review
Jun 07 2017
CS Technologies Evolution access control range is a pair of full function access controllers, the EVO4 4-door and EVO2 2-door, featuring network access control boards with RS485 and TCP/IP Ethernet communication support, lift control, and seamless alarm integration via 4-state monitored expansion boards.

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Evolution May 2017 Advertisement
May 01 2017
A Copy of our Advertisment circ. May 2017.

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Evolution February 2017 Advertisement
Feb 01 2017
A Copy of our Advertisment circ. May 2017.

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Evolution System is NBN Compatible
Mar 17 2014
As the NBN system continues to roll out in Australia we get plenty of questions if the CS Technologies Evolution Building Access Control System is compatible with the new NBN.

The answer is yes.

Evolution Software to the controllers via IP has no problems running on the NBN.

For Alarms being sent to monitoring stations via the Emizon TCD unit this is also not problems (the Emizon TCD was designed as a replacement for diallers that will be affected by the NBN rollout).
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Feb 13 2014
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Evolution Upgraded to Visual Studio 2012 Development Enviroment
Feb 14 2013
Evolution has now been successfully upgraded to the Visual Studio 2012 development environment.

Builds 2.03.015 or later are using the new compiler.

The transition was nice and smooth and user will not notice any difference.

The environment will make it easier for us to implement new features and help keep the software inline with new Windows 8 features.
Christmas Holiday Break Period Dates
Dec 17 2012
We would like to advise our valued clients of our closing period for the festive season.

Last day of trading will be Friday 21st December 2012, please note the office will close from 10.00am on this day. We will re-open on Monday the 14th January 2013.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas followed by a prosperous New Year.

During this period if you have any technical support questions email them to support@cstech.biz

Thank you and we loo
Evolution is Windows 8 Compatible
Dec 01 2012
Windows 8 has not been released and Evolution is fully functioning with Windows 8. Windows 8 is 64-bit only. We have had test sites running for a while and we are happy everything is ok running Evolution on Windows 8.

We have also updated our development environment to MS Visual Studio 2012 to ensure we keep up with all the new Windows 8 improvements.
Running Evolution as a Service on Windows 7
Oct 10 2012
Windows 7 runs services different to previous windows and by default will not allow Evolution to run in user accounts. See below for the registry manipulation that can allow windows 7 to run it correctly.

To start and stop services in windows 7 open the task manager and view the services tab. You can stop the evolution sevice here. After stopping the service you can then run evolution normally.

If you are just requiring evolution to run on startup then the best way is to put a short cut of
EvoBM Android Application Released
Aug 13 2012
We have now released the Android OS version of our mobile application.

It is FREE and is available now on Google Play and also as a direct download.

The application can also run as a service on Android devices - this means you will always get notifications of system alarms even if you do not have the application running.

See the Product Section on this website for more details

Evolution - Timezone Status Colour
Aug 09 2012
You may have recently noticed the system timezones are now colour coded and change colour when valid or out of timezone.

Red - The timezone is currently not valid
Green - The timezone is currently active.

This is only a software visual indicator for the timezone. It does not necessarily mean the timezone is actually active or not valid. (Evo controllers function on their own).

This new feature was added with the new OTIS Compass High Level Interface so you can verify if the software th
New Evolution Distributor Packaging Boxes
Aug 03 2012
Not news worthy but we are now shipping our EVO Controllers in new boxes with an external sticker to distributors.

The serial number will be external making it easier to distinguish the product. This should help with distributor stock control and also help protect the controllers better in shipping.
TeamViewer Quick Remote Support Added to Evolution
Jul 30 2012
TeamViewer is a free remote PC support tool that can be used to view and control a PC running Evolution, just like you are at the PC at the site.

We have now built-in the TeamViewer quick support into our full install of Evolution.

To start TeamViewer in Evolution go to 'Help/TeamViewer Support'.

The technican can connect to the site via PC, iPhone, iPad and Adroid devices by installing the following free software:


Indala 27-bit Reader Support Added
Jul 23 2012
Indala 27-bit Wiegand readers are not very popular in Australia but we have been requested and have now added support back into our Evolution Network Controllers to read these readers.

The special 27-bit format requires a special readers and specially programmed cards (one of the main reasons why they are not that popular).

The 27-bit format was introduced back in the old days when access control systems were not so smart and stored the facility code and card numbers separate. The scare ta
New CS Website and CS Logo Launched
Jul 01 2012
We have now launched our new website with our new company logo and 'green' theme.

We have tried to tidy everything up on our site and make it simple.

We have remove all the old products. Old install guides and software are still available however you will need to send a email request for these documents (support@cstech.biz)